Jane Loveys, Andover, Ma

“I strive to translate onto canvas my vision which has been influenced by the simple, clear minimalism of Edward Hopper, the richness and beauty of the old Dutch masters, and the light and luminosity of the French Impressionists. Before becoming a painter I believed, like so many others, that artists are born into the world with gift intact and sketch book in hand. So it wasn’t until I turned 50 that I finally felt free enough and trusted myself enough to pick up a paintbrush and not worry about whether I’d end up with something of museum quality. In 2001, after joining the world of cancer survivors, pursuing my art career became a clear direction. After all, I reasoned, if not now, when?

What I have come to learn is that some are born with the drive to draw and paint, and for others, the desire lies dormant only to be awakened and accessed when the time is right. And this much I know is true: art, like any other discipline, calls for practice, perseverance and patience; but if the desire to paint is there (and caution is kicked to the curb) then the possibilities are endless.

I am learning to celebrate my strengths and trust that I can push through the challenges and I am enjoying the surprises along the way. When I am painting I am unaware of anything but the next stroke of paint and every now and then, when it all comes together I am for that day, and in that moment, doing what I love and happy in my soul.”

- Jane Loveys


Shows and Sales

First Prize, Andover Artists’ Guild, Members Choice Award, 2010.

Newburyport Art Association’s Winter Juried Show, 2010.

North Parish Church, Annual Wine-Tasting and Art Show, co-sponsored by the Andover Artists’ Guild, 2010.

Newburyport Art Association’s 13 th Annual Juried Regional Show, 2010.

Essex Art Center’s Annual Wet Paint and Silent Auction, 2006-2010.

Solo Show: Pho and I, Boston, MA. April – June, 2008.

Andover’s Art in the Park, 2007

Private sales and commissions.


I have studied most extensively with and owe the most gratitude to my friend and mentor, Copley Master Mark Hayden. I have also had the privilege of taking classes and workshops on Monhegan Island and throughout New England from many other gifted painters, including Don Stone, Caleb Stone, Charles Sovek, Tamara Krendel, Alec Moseley, and Donna Harkins.


Andover Artist Guild, Andover, MA

Newburyport Art Association, Newburyport, MA